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Description: Andrew Yang is unstoppable on his path to presidency! Play through all of the ups and downs of his campaign journey as you battle the other candidates, the naysayers and of course President Trump!

*The game is set to release on December 30th 2019 on Steam with builds for both windows and mac.

About This Game:

The Andrew Yang video game is finally here! Does the "longer than longshot" candidate have what it takes to beat the competition and take back the White House?

With a compelling story mode you play as Andrew Yang on the path to presidency! Within the Story mode you will be able to unlock stages and characters to use in VERSUS MODE

Play one on one against your friends in local multiplayer matches or against the cpu.
Unlock characters including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren even Donald Trump! and many more!

This game is a classic one on one fighting game, full of colourful characters and quirky special moves.