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Our Yang Story

Sam: "Ive been an advocate of UBI (or what Andrew called the Freedom Dividend) since at least 2011. I have personally tried to educate the public on the state of automation with a film I produced in 2013 titled "Will Work For Free". When I discovered Andrew Yang I was completely blown away that someone running for president not only understood the significance of automation but was actually running his entire platform on the basis of it."

Krush888: "I think Andrew is a one in ten generational opportunity for a great President that has humanity at the core of his policies. His values and motivations resonate with me and I support him whole heartedly and I'm not even American. I believe in time, his vision and leadership will influence the world's governments and some of his policies will permeate across them. That shall be his legacy - humanity first. I suspect Elon Musk would plant a flag with those two words across a flag in Mars.